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The combination of surfing and yoga is gold, that’s no secret. We love it! That’s why you’ll enjoy both in equal measure this week with our fantastic yoga instructor Beitske. Flow and power, but also mobility and balance are built up during yoga and immediately have a positive effect on the board. Yoga is also the perfect way to give the muscle groups that have been used a well-deserved post-surf stretch. Downward Dog is already checking out the forecast for June 🙂

Our workshop


Increase awareness of Surf Therapy by facilitating research and publishing existing studies, and host annual global conferences to foster collaboration.


Promote excellence by connecting leaders, researchers, and practitioners and exchange programming tools and evaluations to build an evidence-based community.


Advance the global adoption of Surf Therapy for mental well-being and ocean conservation.

The Basics







“Surfing makes me happy and changed my life”

Anna Green

Nurse, NYC